• New Developed Poly/Cotton 65/35% Digital Mountain Camouflage Fabric Mar 03, 2024
    At the request of our customer, we have recently developed a new polyester-cotton mountain camouflage fabric. After long discussion with the factory and several trials of sample making, we unify the specifications with our client and conclude it as the standard of inspection for future orders. The fabric turns out to be of good quality and specifications, color and touch are quite satisfactory. At a weight of 240gsm and with a blend that incorporates 35% cotton for comfort and 65% polyester for durability, this fabric features a twill weave for durable strength which presents Min.90/Min.55 in warp and weft direction for breaking strength, and both Min.5 in warp and weft direction for tearing strength. In order to upgrade Air Permeability, we have changed our way of weaving to guarantee Air Permeability above 10. And also, we improve the Dimensional Stability of both sides to be Max. 2.0%. The fabric was designed specifically following the requirements on comfort and protection with the result being satisfactory. Compared with our Nylon Cotton blended ripstop digital camo fabric, Polycotton fabric is relatively cheaper, we are honored for the work we’ve done in developing this new fabric and offering our buyers more choices.    

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