• Fabric for Summer Work Uniform Mar 31, 2024
    For summer short-sleeved work uniforms, selecting the appropriate fabric is crucial as comfort and breathability are key considerations. According to our experience, commonly used fabrics for custom-made short-sleeved work uniforms in summer are usually cotton and polyester-cotton blends fabrics.     Pure cotton fabric is soft, skin-friendly, and has strong water absorption, making it ideal for summer wear. However, pure cotton fabric tends to shrink to some extent, so pre-shrinking treatment is necessary before processing to prevent garment deformation. Polyester-cotton blend fabric is made by mixing pure cotton with polyester fibers, typically containing 35% to 65% polyester. Compared to pure cotton, polyester-cotton blend fabric is more cost-effective and has good wrinkle resistance and ease of care. While slightly less breathable than pure cotton, polyester-cotton blend fabric performs well in dissipating heat and drying quickly. Polyester-cotton blends retain some of the characteristics of pure cotton, such as comfort and softness, while significantly reducing the shrinkage phenomenon after washing. Additionally, they have good color fastness, and enhanced tensile strength and tear strength. Bscam’s PolyCotton fabrics have been developed to give the garments functionality, comfort, and durability, for example our products such as Item No. 230614/230615/230619 are perfectly suitable for short-sleeved shirt, and Item No. 230622 and 230618 are ideal for summer jacket. Also, we can customize the fabric according to the customer’s specifications, welcome to inquire.

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